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New EP Coming out this late summer!

2011-06-25 03:21:13 by DLBeezy

No spoilers yet. Soon though. soon...

New EP Coming out this late summer!


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2011-06-27 23:17:06

Broski, if you use FLS, I'll toss you the project file for my Intensity track for you to remix if you're still up to it. I'll put it on mediafire or some shit <3

Thanks dude~

DLBeezy responds:

Sure man. Hit me up with the file.


2011-07-12 12:42:54

Sweet, I noticed alot of people use FLS.. Not many people use Reason, or Ableton like I do, is that a bad thing? BTW, your goodat making Dubstep, so I wanted to ask if you could tell me how my track is, I need advise from the experts. Track is called Blade to Kill. Thanks :3

DLBeezy responds:

Nah. FL is an unbelievably strong DAW. It is my #1 choice next to ableton. I'll check out your track mate. Also, thanks for the recognition. I wouldn't say I'm a dubstep expert, but I feel very strongly in the genre.